better_ is a boutique agency focused on organizational design, strategy and brand management. better_ facilitates the journey from idea, through implementation, to launch.  

Co-founders Jennifer Edwards and Shannon Reynolds possess unique and varied expertise,  working in a wide array of industries, with brands from IKEA and TDBank to New York University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. They have worked with startups, incubators, and in arts, technology, life science, and social-good spaces. What sets better_ apart from other agencies is an equal focus on future trends and past learning, on both organizational design and communication strategy.

better_ works primarily with women-led, purpose-driven businesses and projects. better_ is a prompt and a promise. How can we help you change the world?

better_ sound bites

Two sides of building a strong brand...

Creating an innovative team...

Understanding what people hear...

Why people hire us...

Our process / how we work...

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Our Clients

Clients come to us to have a conversation about something they’d like to do / make / work / _ better in their business and their brand. Together, we will discover whether the steps entail marketing communications or organizational design solves - or both.

better_ comes when the whole picture is considered.


better_ continues work closely with the leadership team at the Chocolate Factory Theatre on ongoing internal communications.

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