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Our approach. A unique blend of drive, experience and passion for co-creating solutions. 
With a core group of creative thinkers-and-doers, our studio scales to meet the needs of each of our clients, leveraging an extensive national network to add specific expertise and lived-experiences where and when it is appropriate.
We custom-build teams that map to the work.


Jennifer is a process designer, facilitator, organizational development specialist, writer, and multifaceted creative - focused on finding structured solutions to complex problems. Her work and advice to business professionals has been featured in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and Forbes. Her passions center around questions of learning, communication, the future of work, and humanizing systems. Jennifer has primarily consulted and built programs in innovation, arts & culture, and higher education spaces, with brands including NYU, Georgia Tech, Jacob's Pillow, NCCAkron, and The New Museum / NEW INC.

Jennifer's training and practice includes choreography, spoken word poetry / storytelling, group facilitation, curriculum design / teaching, organizational evolution, brand strategy, and change management. She has designed and led gatherings for regional and national purpose-driven organizations and steered strategy for clients across the country. Guided by a deep love of listening and learning paired with an innate ability to hold space for complexity, she is passionate about developing human systems that center equity, uplift and honor all aspects of diversity, and place creative process-in-action at their core.  

Fun fact: Jennifer toured North America, Europe and China as a spoken word artist, performer, and choreographer.


Rain is a writer and artist with expertise in communications. He has contributed arts and culture reporting to various local, national, and international publications, including The Art Newspaper, The Seattle Times, The New York Magazine, NEW INC, Hyperallergic, HuffPost, and Artnet News (where he formerly served as Assistant Editor).

Focus: Copyediting; Content Development


Lisa is an artist with expertise in how to take location data and make it searchable and mappable. Her mapping work with The Chicago Parks District was lifted up in NextCity for making visible over 200 underutilized spaces inside parks facilities. She has worked with neighborhood associations and city location data in over twelve cities.

Focus: Information Architecture; Mapping

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