I Feel Safe When


I FEEL SAFE WHEN is a creative community activation tool and art project designed by better_. It has been used to help groups of people (college students, faculty and staff; leadership and staff in organizations; and conference attendees) reflect on what it takes for community members to feel safe, brave and heard. This process is designed to elevate all voices in the change and decision-making process as organizations face challenges and solve problems. LEARN MORE

How do you understand and reflect upon what members of a community say they needed to feel:

What does it take to convey the values of groups of people in a continually changing:


How do you begin an engaged and rich conversation around what it means to feel safe? 

IFSW is a process that helps people collect and organize stories and reflect them back to the community. The output of an I FEEL SAFE WHEN process surfaces the collective feeling of a community. It:

  • Allows for multiple perspectives on a single topic

  • Draws connections between seemingly different parts of a community

  • Goes beyond binary thinking, (safe / not safe)

  • Allows space for conflicting views to sit side-by-side, (it is not hierarchical)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is someone on call if I need help? Or have questions?

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