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National Center for Choreography


National Center for Choreography at The University of Akron (NCCAkron) is a young organization brought into existence through a partnership between the Knight Foundation, The University of Akron, and Dance Cleveland. better_ was engaged to help them define their brand and carve out their presence within the field of dance, Akron, and as a national center.


The National Center for Choreography at the University of Akron needed a mark (logo) and framework to convey their ethos. They needed to bring their brand to life. better_ was engaged to lead NCCAkron through a robust discovery process, and then develop and execute their visual identity. Deliverables included: logo, branded materials (business cards, letterhead, digital assets, swag - mugs, banners, buttons, etc.), branded social media assets, and large-scale signage. See this work in motion in the video below. 

NCCAkron Brand Launch
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NCCAkron approached better_ to develop a tech-based audience engagement and learning tool that provided a low-barrier-to-entry solution for audiences to engage more deeply with dance. Through this partnership, we created, tested and launched Dance Chat, a platform that allows for 2-way communication between audience members with questions and dance-insiders who are knowledgeable about inner-workings of a particular show. Audience members pose questions via text message to a short code. Dance Chat Hosts respond. All of the exchanges are captured.


Dance Chat can be used by any company, in any venue and has the potential to benefit everyone - from audience members, to makers and company members, to presenters and funders. Dance Chat aims to deepen engagement and knowledge-sharing universally. Learn how to bring Dance Chat to your venue / next performance by contacting us